Welcome to my Home Base

I am a writer by profession. It is my work, my hobby, and my passion; it is simply what I love to do. I write about things that I am passionate about — mostly animals and the environment — and try to provide information that will  help my readers take better care of their pets, or help them to do their bit to protect the environment, upon which all life on earth depends.

If you are needing sales copy written for any technical, environmental or pet related niche, I can help you get your message out to the world. If you are needing environmental educational materials, technical blogs, or in-depth feature articles on environmental and science topics, I can help.

I have written extensively on a variety of pet care topics for my own pet care blog as well as for clients in the pet care sector. I have recently extended this to include a series of Pet Owner’s Guides written in an easy to understand format that cover common problems pet owners face.

I write children’s picture books based on my personal experiences with my extensive menagerie and am currently working on a series of environmental education books with a marine conservation focus. Check out my debut title 'Griff's Goats', and come back soon to view future kid-lit projects.

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